¡Hi there! I'm

      David Restrepo.

      I am super happy that you guys take the time to see who I am, how I work and get to know me on a personal level. I love to capture the essence of couples in a natural and relaxed way. I'm sure that the best photos happen on their own, without the need to intervene. That's why my preference when it comes to photography is documentary/photojournalism.

      For me, it is important that they identify with my style and aesthetics. We have to be on the same page.

      I want them to look at my photos and feel the moment portrayed over and over again. I want them to remember how people loved them, how they enjoyed every second. I want them to see portraits of moments they didn't expect or never realized happened.

      I know it is a great responsibility to have the opportunity to document moments that are expected to be unique, with such a great symbolic charge that they go beyond images.

      For that and much more, I take my work very seriously.

      Let us tell your story